Carnet - Ultra, Lined - Juniper

ISBN: 9781439764404 Categorii: Carnete large. Brand: Paperblanks Colecție: Fall Filigree Tip copertă: Softcover Stoc: În stoc

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The original binding reproduced on our Juniper cover comes from a 1736 leather scripture book published in Hof, Germany, by Johann Gottlieb Vierling. With a filigreed design that calls to mind golden wheat stalks and corn fields, this design is sure to warm up your creative energy on even the coldest autumn nights.

Our Fall Filigree series reproduces the pattern of an 18th-century leather book cover. At that time, the Bavarian town of Hof, where the binding was crafted, was experiencing material abundance and an upsurge in artistic output. Consequently, people had the means to afford luxury items like richly bound and decorated books, such as the one reproduced here.

The original was published in 1736 by Johann Gottlieb Vierling, who specialized in religious, scientific and philosophical texts. This binding contained a publication of the Old and New Testaments. The gold tooling of the cover design is a composite of stylized elements, with the front panel divided into four compartments, each complete with a vase of three flowers. The finely wrought ornaments surrounding each of these quarters is suggestive of filigree, a delicate decorative metalwork popular in bookbinding at the time.

While one part of this series’ name acknowledges the design’s filigreed ornamentation, its botanical character also turned us to thoughts of autumn and its warm, alluring colours. When autumn sets in and warmth and natural light become scarce, the bright green colour of our Juniper cover will prove a comforting and uplifting sight.

Tip Coperta
Fall Filigree
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Tip Legatura
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Irlanda, Irlanda
Istoric preț pentru: Carnet - Ultra, Lined - Juniper

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