Jurnal - Flexis Midi - Calypso

ISBN: 9781439756348 Categorii: Carnete medium. Brand: Paperblanks Colecție: Old Leather Tip copertă: Softcover Stoc: La comandă

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We have gone back to our publishing roots with this Calypso cover, celebrating what it is about Renaissance-style gold tooled bindings that we have always found so captivating: the rich hues of the dyed leather. The timeless beauty of an antique leather binding is brought into the present on the cover of this oceanic blue book.

When we were first beginning to make Paperblanks journals, we found a piece of William Shakespeare’s handwriting and just knew it could become an inspiring journal cover. Soon we added designs featuring the writing of Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen and created a series that would become our Embellished Manuscripts Collection. These first covers were minimalist designs with the literary manuscripts written in black ink against beige paper. Eventually, our creative urges started to take over and we sought to play around with the design by adding a gold frame.

Working from a photograph of a small piece of gorgeous gold embellishment, our Art Director created a full frame for the Shakespeare manuscript and highlighted it with a burnt orange background. Of course, our curiosity for what could come next didn’t stop there! By removing the manuscript we immediately saw the possibilities for a design inspired by classic Renaissance leather bindings. And thus, our foundational Old Leather Collection was born.

Since then we have continued to play around with frame shape and background colour, with that initial beige and black design providing the backdrop for some of our most enduringly popular collections. As our Embellished Manuscripts and Old Leather Collections have continued to evolve in terms of background art and closures, we have chosen to go back to our roots for our Old Leather Classics.

Celebrating what it is about Renaissance-style bindings that we have always found so captivating – the rich hues of the dyed leather – we have selected one of our favourite background colours for this cover. Our Calypso cover is inspired by the oceanic blue-green hue of our Schubert, Erlkönig design and is named for the enchanting nymph of Greek mythology.

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Old Leather
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Piele ecologica
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Irlanda, Irlanda
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