Knowledge and Information

Peter Frankopan, Jessica Frazier, Adrian Wooldridge
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Jon Yates
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Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

Angela Y. Davis
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Journey of the Mind

Ogi Ogas, Sai Gaddam
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Mother of Invention

Katrine Marcal
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Am I Normal?

Sarah Chaney
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The Status Game

Will Storr
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Land of Women

Maria Sanchez
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Red Valkyries

Kristen Ghodsee
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Julia Shaw
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Rupa Marya
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Sacred Nature

Karen Armstrong
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Nicholas Thomas
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The Gift

Marcel Mauss
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Nobody's Normal

Roy Richard Grinker
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The Day the World Stops Shopping

J. B. MacKinnon
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Carl H. Nightingale
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John W. Arthur
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In Search of Us

Lucy Moore
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Letters To My Weird Sisters

Joanne Limburg
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Poles Apart

Alison Goldsworthy, Laura Osborne, Alexandra Chesterfield
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The Web of Meaning

Jeremy Lent
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The Shaping of Us

Lily Bernheimer
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Relationships 5.0

Elyakim Kislev
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L'École des femmes

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Norbert Elias

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An Illustrated Guide to Samurai History and Culture

Gavin Blair
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The Mindful Athlete

George Mumford
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