The Change Book

Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschappeler
ISBN: 9781800815964

The Decision Book

Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschappeler
ISBN: 9781800815209

The Get Things Done Book

Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschappeler
ISBN: 9781800814646

The Crux

Richard Rumelt
ISBN: 9781788169516

The Ultimate Productivity Book

Martin Manser, Stephen Evans-Howe
ISBN: 9781473689442

The Ultimate Interview Book

Alison Straw, Mo Shapiro , Peter MacBride, Jonathan Hancock
ISBN: 9781473689251

The Technology Fallacy

Gerald C. Kane, Anh Nguyen Phillips, Jonathan R. Copulsky
ISBN: 9780262545112

The Activist Leader

Lucy Parker, Jon Miller
ISBN: 9780008567521

Start With Why

Simon Sinek
ISBN: 9780241958223


David Graeber
ISBN: 9781612194196

The 48 Laws of Power

Robert Greene
ISBN: 9781861972781

Behavioral Economics for Leaders

Matthias Sutter
ISBN: 9781119982975

The Seducer's Diary

Soren Kierkegaard
ISBN: 9780691158419

The Toolbox

Jacob Harold
ISBN: 9781119863335

The Shift

Lynda Gratton
ISBN: 9780007525850

The New Gold Standard

Joseph Michelli
ISBN: 9780071548335

Myths of Work

Ian MacRae
ISBN: 9781398608573

Myths of Leadership

Jo Owen
ISBN: 9781398608276

Myths of Strategy

Jerome Barthelemy
ISBN: 9781398607828

Myths of Social Media

Michelle Carvill, Ian MacRae
ISBN: 9781398607781

Myths of Management

Stefan Stern, Cary L. Cooper
ISBN: 9781398607743

Leading in a Non-Linear

Jean Gomes
ISBN: 9781119672722

Employee Experience

Ben Whitter
ISBN: 9781398607682

The Definitive Management Ideas of the Year from Harvard Business Review 2023

Adam M. Grant, Francesca Gino, Fred Reichheld
ISBN: 9781647824556

Future Ready

Stephanie L. Woerner, Peter Weill, Ina M. Sebastian
ISBN: 9781647823498

Talk, Inc.

Boris Groysberg, Michael Slind
ISBN: 9781422173336