30 April 1945

Alexander Kluge
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Book by Design

Philippa Marks, Stephen Parkin
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Michael J. Benton
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Balkan Cyberia

Victor Petrov
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Anyone Who Utters a Consoling Word Is a Traitor

Alexander Kluge, Alta L. Price
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Edward Brooke-Hitching
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November 1942

Peter Englund
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Peter Heather
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Fake History

Jo Teeuwisse
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Aztec and Maya

Charles Phillips
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The Inca Empire

David Jones
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Our Family Tree

Julie Bunton
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Russia Accursed!

Andre Ruzhnikov
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The Currency of Politics

Stefan Eich
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History of the Caucasus - In the Shadow of Great Powers

Christoph Baumer
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Losing a Kingdom, Gaining the World

Ambrogio A. Caiani
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On Wars

Michael Mann
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Art of the Grimoire

Owen Davies
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The Book at War

Andrew Pettegree
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Killers of the Flower Moon

David Grann
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Travellers through Time

Jeremy Harte
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The Naked Neanderthal

Ludovic Slimak
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Robert Shannan Peckham
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From Angels to Werewolves

Philip F. Palmedo
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Imperial Island

Charlotte Lydia Riley
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Atoms and Ashes

Serhii Plokhy
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America's Lost Chinese

Hugo Wong
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Irene Vallejo Moreu
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Shrimp to Whale

Ramon Pacheco Pardo
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Red Devils

Mark Urban
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