No Regrets

Rob Young
ISBN: 9781409120186

The Stone Roses - War and Peace

Simon Spence
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Film Lover's Paris: 101 Legendary Addresses That Inspired Great Movies

Barbara Boespflug, Beatrice Billon
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Experiencing Verdi: A Listener's Companion

Donald Sanders
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The Astaires: Fred & Adele

Kathleen Riley
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On Kubrick

James Naremore
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How to Write One Song

Jeff Tweedy
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Jan Swafford
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The Billy Bob Tapes

Kinky Friedman, Billy Bob Thornton
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Gorillaz Almanac

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1-2-3-4: The Beatles in Time

Craig Brown
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The Japanese Cinema Book

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Nothing but the Blues

Lawrence Cohn
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Soviet Cinema

Jamie Miller
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Stop Motion Filmmaking

Christopher Walsh
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Amitabh Bachchan

Sunny Singh
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Stage Lighting

Skip Mort
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Suburban Fantastic Cinema

Angus McFadzean
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The Definitive Jacques Tati

Alison Castle
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Bond Cars

Jason Barlow
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Chinese Cinema Book

Song Hwee Lim
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Tolkien Diary 2008: The Children of Hurin

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The Nolan Variations

Tom Shone
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Cuba: Music and Revolution

Gilles Peterson, Stuart Baker
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Stella Wonderly
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Marxism Goes to the Movies

Mike Wayne
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Monty Python's Flying Circus

Adrian Besley
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Not for You

ISBN: 9781501360688