Philosophy in 40 Ideas

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Black and White Thinking

Dr Kevin Dutton
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Stanislaw Lem, Peter Butko
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Understanding Poststructuralism

James Williams
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And Now For The Good News...

Ruby Wax
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The Right to Sex

Amia Srinivasan
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Medieval Philosophy

Peter Adamson
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The Beginning of Knowledge

Hans-Georg Gadamer
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After Extinction

Richard Grusin
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The Eclipse of the Utopias of Labor

Anson Rabinbach
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History of Madness

Michel Foucault
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Your Lie in April - Volume 8

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On Consolation

Michael Ignatieff
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The Self

Patricia Kitcher
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Michel Foucault
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Jacques Derrida
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The Women Are Up to Something

Benjamin J.B. Lipscomb
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Stoic Wisdom

Nancy Sherman
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L' Homme sans monde

Gunther Anders
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Julia Jorati
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Nous, fils d'Eichmann

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How Philosophy Works

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Dying for Ideas

Costica Bradatan
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Future Morality

David Edmonds
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Godless Gospel

Julian Baggini
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Stories of Ourselves - Volume 2

Mary Wilmer
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Why Did the Logician Cross the Road?

Stan Baronett
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Sens et non-sens

Maurice Merleau-Ponty
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