Then Came the Evening

Brian Hart
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Anarchy and Old Dogs

Colin Cotterill
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Nineteen Eighty-four

George Orwell
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O. Henry
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Penguin Modern Box Set

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Dead Fingers Talk

William S. Burroughs
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Leslie Marmon Silko
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Visions of Gerard

Jack Kerouac
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The Next Queen of Heaven

Gregory Maguire
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The Known World

Edward P. Jones
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Border Town

Shen Congwen
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The Boys of Summer

Roger Kahn
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Restless Waters: A Rachel Porter Mystery

Jessica Speart
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Far Field

Madhuri Vijay
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Comrades In Miami

Jose Latour
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The Golden Scales: A Makana Mystery

Parker Bilal
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A Lady Awakened

Cecilia Grant
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Eoin Colfer
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The Book of Summers

Emylia Hall
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Memoirs of a Good-for-nothing

Joseph von Eichendorff
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Impossible Lives of Greta Wells

Andrew Sean Greer
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Gods and Beasts

Denise Mina
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Goat Mountain

David Vann
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Freaky Deaky

Elmore Leonard
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Get Shorty

Elmore Leonard
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Nicky Pellegrino
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Deck Z: The Titanic - Unsinkable Undead

Chris Pauls, Matthew Solomon
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Death Walks in Eastrepps

Francis Beeding
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