Yuval Noah Harari Box Set

Yuval Noah Harari
ISBN: 9781529115666


Margaret MacMillan
ISBN: 9781788162579


Jack Challoner
ISBN: 9780262046145

Living with the Gods

Neil MacGregor
ISBN: 9780241308295

The Golden Thread : How Fabric Changed History

Kassia St Clair
ISBN: 9781473659032

Gunther Prien and U-47

Dougie Martindale
ISBN: 9781526737755

God: An Anatomy

Francesca Stavrakopoulou
ISBN: 9781509867356

Haunted Japan

Catrien Ross
ISBN: 9784805315828


Johanna Katrin Fridriksdottir
ISBN: 9781350230309

Empire of Pain

Patrick Radden Keefe
ISBN: 9781529063073


Edward Slingerland
ISBN: 9780316453387

Guerrilla Warfare

Ernesto Che Guevara
ISBN: 9780241465080

Trojan Women

ISBN: 9781554814497

The Horde

Marie Favereau
ISBN: 9780674244214


Inazo Nitobe
ISBN: 9784805314890

A History of Medicine

Lois N. Magner
ISBN: 9781498796224

I Embrace You With All My Revolutionary Fervor

Ernesto Che Guevara
ISBN: 9780241548745


Anna Funder
ISBN: 9781783787340

A Short History of the IRA

Brendan O'Brien
ISBN: 9781788490788

The Guinness Story

Dr. Edward J. Bourke
ISBN: 9781847178435

Woodlands and Forests

Dee Dee Chainey, Willow Winsham
ISBN: 9781849946872

Design and Culture

Maurice Barnwell
ISBN: 9781612496245


Karen Armstrong
ISBN: 9781842125830

The Russian Revolution: A New History

Sean McMeekin
ISBN: 9781781259023

Evil Geniuses

Kurt Andersen
ISBN: 9781529108101

Utopia for Realists - And How We Can Get There

Rutger Bregman
ISBN: 9781408893210

Voodoo Histories

David Aaronovitch
ISBN: 9781594484988

The 60s: The Story of a Decade

Henry Finder
ISBN: 9780679644835

Character : The History of a Cultural Obsession

Marjorie Garber
ISBN: 9780374120856

Democracy in Chains

Nancy MacLean
ISBN: 9781101980965