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Dry Glazes

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Collect Contemporary: Jewelry

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William Morris

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Quilting Step By Step

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Baldwin/Guggisberg: Beyond Glass

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Ultimate Crochet Bible

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Me vs You

Editors of Klutz
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Safety Pin Bracelets

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Encyclopedia of My Immaturity

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The Natural Beauty Book

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Build Your Own Monsters!

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Build-a-Book My Really Good Friends

The Editors of Klutz
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Build-a-book: Why I Love My Dad

The Editors of Klutz
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Super Simple Sewing

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Encyclopaedia of Immaturity

The Editors of Klutz
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Quick Draw Flip Books

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Melty Beads

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The Fabulous Book of Paper Dolls

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Designing Celtic Ornament

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Handmade in Britain

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Crazy Gifts

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