Two Thousand Years

Mike Leigh
ISBN: 9780571232369

As You Like It

William Shakespeare, Jonathan Bate, Eric Rasmussen
ISBN: 9780230243804

Three Sisters

Anton Chekhov
ISBN: 9780571334919

That Face

Polly Stenham
ISBN: 9780571244218


Ben Power
ISBN: 9780571320769

Hedda Gabler

Henrik Ibsen, Patrick Marber
ISBN: 9780571336753

Gogol's Government Inspector

David Harrower
ISBN: 9780571280490

The Master Builder

Henrik Ibsen, David Hare
ISBN: 9780571330812

All That Fall and Other Plays for Radio and Screen

Samuel Beckett
ISBN: 9780571243754


Tom Stoppard
ISBN: 9780571378739

The Hard Problem

Tom Stoppard
ISBN: 9780571355501


Tom Stoppard
ISBN: 9780571359059


Ruby Thomas
ISBN: 9780571356331

Collected Shorter Plays

Samuel Beckett
ISBN: 9780571229147

The Messingkauf Dialogues

Bertolt Brecht
ISBN: 9780413388902

The Oedipus Plays

ISBN: 9780571195350

Murder in the Cathedral

T. S. Eliot
ISBN: 9780571362790

The Forest

Florian Zeller
ISBN: 9780571376926

Cyrano de Bergerac

Martin Crimp, Edmond Rostand
ISBN: 9780571361403

Peter Gynt

Henrik Ibsen
ISBN: 9780571354771

The Height of the Storm

Florian Zeller
ISBN: 9780571350582

Christmas Eve

Daniel Kehlmann
ISBN: 9780571345250

The Suppliant Women

David Greig
ISBN: 9780571341610

Neil LaBute - Plays 2

Neil LaBute
ISBN: 9780571335718

Reasons to Be Happy

Neil LaBute
ISBN: 9780571331765


Samuel Beckett
ISBN: 9780571243730

An Enemy of the People

Henrik Ibsen
ISBN: 9780571358298

Uncle Vanya

Anton Chekhov
ISBN: 9780571356706


David Greig
ISBN: 9780571329229

Neil LaBute Plays. Volume 1

Neil LaBute
ISBN: 9780571307852