These Hollow Vows - Volume 2

Lexi Ryan
ISBN: 9780358386582

Blood Communion - Volume 13

Anne Rice
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The Kingdom of Gods

N.K. Jemisin
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The Broken Kingdoms

N.K. Jemisin
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The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

N.K. Jemisin
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The Book of Gothel

Mary McMyne
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Among Thieves

M.J. Kuhn
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The Grief of Stones - Volume 2

Katherine Addison
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Making Money

Terry Pratchett
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Fire and Blood

George R.R. Martin
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The Two Towers - Volume 2

J. R. R. Tolkien
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The Two Towers - Volume 2

J. R. R. Tolkien
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The Mask Falling

Samantha Shannon
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These Twisted Bonds

Lexi Ryan
ISBN: 9781529377019

Warriors of God

Andrzej Sapkowski
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The Empire's Ruin

Brian Staveley
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Together We Burn

Isabel Ibanez
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The Atlas Six - Volume 1

Olivie Blake
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The Path of Thorns

A.G. Slatter
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These Hollow Vows - Volume 1

Lexi Ryan
ISBN: 9781529376951

These Hollow Vows

Lexi Ryan
ISBN: 9780358668091

The God is Not Willing - Volume 1

Steven Erikson
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Rhythm of War - Volume 4

Brandon Sanderson
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The Grief of Stones

Katherine Addison
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Critical Role: Vox Machina - Kith & Kin

Marieke Nijkamp
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Half a Soul

Olivia Atwater
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The Threadneedle

Cari Thomas
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The League of Gentlewomen Witches

India Holton
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The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels

India Holton
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The Wood Bee Queen

Edward Cox
ISBN: 9781473226876