A Little Book About Movies

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Renoir: Father and Son

Sylvie Patry
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Any Gun Can Play

Kevin Grant
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Les pieds dans l'eau

Jean Painleve
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The World of Avatar

Joshua Izzo
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The Feminist Film Guide

Mallory Andrews
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The Movie Book

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Citizen Kane

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The Complete Making of Indiana Jones

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Poltergeist II : Drawings 1983-1985

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Harry Potter Festivities and Feasts

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Empires of the Imagination

Alec Worley
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The Art of Luca

Enrico Casarosa, Daniela Strijleva
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Runway Bird

Irina Lazareanu, Pascal Loperena
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Normal People

Sally Rooney
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On the Anarchic Organization of Cinematic Spaces

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Guillermo del Toro

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The Story of Marvel Studios

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Star Wars Battles That Changed the Galaxy

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Smartphone Filmmaking: Theory and Practice

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The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy

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Satyajit Ray

Andrew Robinson
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Apocalypse Now: The Lost Photo Archive

Chas Gerretsen
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Sight & Sound - Vol. 31

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Friends: The Official Central Perk Cookbook

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Art and Soul of Dune

Tanya Lapointe
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Harry Potter - Wand Magic

Monique Peterson
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Hitchcock, la totale

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Film Noir

Homer B. Pettey, R. Barton Palmer
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