Wild Creations

Hilton Carter
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Life Unstyled

Emily Henson
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A Pop of Colour

Geraldine James
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The Complete Book of Colorful Interiors

Iris de Feijter, Irene Schampaert
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The Humane Home

Sarah Lozanova
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Plants at Work

Miriam Koepf
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Bohemian Modern

Emily Henson
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Home for the Soul

Sara Bird, Dan Duchars
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A Romance With French Living

Carolyn Westbrook
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Design Innovation and Integration

Karla Straker, Cara Wrigley, Erez Nusem
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The New Mindful Home

Joanna Thornhill
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Perfect English Style

Ros Byam Shaw
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Kitchen Living

Tessa Peason
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Creative Spaces for Creative Ideas

Pieter Graaff
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Graphic Design Play Book

Sophie Cure, Aurelien Farina
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Planning Learning Spaces

Murray Hudson, Terry White
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Living with Color

Rebecca Atwood
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House of Glam

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English Decoration

Ben Pentreath
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Salt & Pepper

Valerie Aikman-Smith
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Shades of Grey

Kate Watson-Smyth
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For the Love of White

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Life Less Ordinary

Zoe Ellison, Alex Legendre
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Faded Glamour

Pearl Lowe
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Foraged Home

Oliver MacLennan, Joanna MacLennan
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Flexitarian Cookbook

Ryland Peters & Small
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Exhibition Design Second Edition

Philip Hughes
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Items and Interiors

Bea Mombaers
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Interior Design: Planning to Succeed (Case Studies)

Shenyang Images
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