Digital Media, Projection Design, and Technology for Theatre

Alex Oliszewski, Daniel Fine, Daniel Roth
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Otobong Nkanga: To Dig a Hole that Collapses Again

Omar Kholeif
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A Tree A Day

Amy-Jane Beer
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The Descent of Woman

Elaine Morgan
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Meet Your Bacteria

Catherine Whitlock, Nicola Temple
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The Book of the Raven

Angus Hyland, Caroline Roberts
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The Future of Food

Matthew Reynolds
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Life Finds a Way

Andreas Wagner
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The New Map

Daniel Yergin
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Let's Talk Water

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What I Stand for Is What I Stand On

Wendell Berry
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Think Like a Mountain

Aldo Leopold
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We Belong to Gaia

James Lovelock
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This Can't be Happening

George Monbiot
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Man's War Against Nature

Rachel Carson
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There is No Point of No Return

Arne Naess
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The Last Tree on Easter Island

Jared Diamond
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Climate Change

John Woodward
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A Warning from the Golden Toad

Tim Flannery
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The Dragonfly Will Be the Messiah

Masanobu Fukuoka
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The Democracy of Species

Robin Wall Kimmerer
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All Art is Ecological

Timothy Morton
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A (Very) Short History of Life On Earth

Henry Gee
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Net Zero

Dieter Helm
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Every Species is a Masterpiece

Edward O. Wilson
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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

Greta Thunberg
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La panthere des neiges

Sylvain Tesson
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This Is Your Mind On Plants

Michael Pollan
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Climate Emergency

Mark Harvey
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