Living with Color

Rebecca Atwood
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Designed to Perform

Tom Dollard
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Changing Places

John MacDonald, Charles Branas, Robert Stokes
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Art of Classic Planning

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John Gossage: Should Nature Change

John Gossage
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Disruptive Urbanism, Glocal Urbanity

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Dominique Coulon
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Blueprint for a Hack

Vikram Bhatt, David Harlander, Susane Havelka
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Projects and Their Consequences

Jesse Reiser
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André Fu: Crossing Cultures with Design

Catherine Shaw
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Jonathan Jimenez
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Architecture and Modelbuilding

Alexander Schilling
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Complexity and Contradiction at fifty

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Is This Tomorrow?

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Pedro Gadanho
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PIE International
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SketchUp Workflow for Architecture

Michael Brightman
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Wright and New York

Anthony Alofsin
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Imagining the Modern

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House of Glam

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Atlas, or the Anxious Gay Science

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Bob Gill, so far.

Bob Gill
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Built towards the Light

John Pawson, H. Haug, U. Hoerwick, A. Morris, S. Stoetzer
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