Moleskine Roller Gel Refill Silver 0.7mm

ISBN: 9788867320998 Categorii: Rezerve pix. Brand: Moleskine Stoc: La comandă

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Designed specifically for the innovatively shaped rectangular Moleskine Roller Pens that fit comfortably on a Moleskine notebook, the Silver Roller Gel Refill is presented in a silver barrel casing - typical of the Moleskine brand – and engraved with the Moleskine logo. The base is fitted with a silver cap so that the colour of ink is easily identifiable. Filled with metallic silver Roller Gel ink developed specifically for Moleskine paper, it is clean, bright and quick drying. Presented in hangable packaging, the 0.7mm refill is also available in other colours.

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Moleskine Moleskine Roller Gel Refill Silver 0.7mm
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