Gift Wrap Book. OP Art

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PEPIN gift wrapping paper books all contain 4 pages of introduction and 12 large sheets of very high-quality wrapping paper. These sheets can easily be removed from the books by tearing them along a perforated line. The wrapping papers are folded to fit into the book; when removed and opened they measure 50 cm x 70 cm (19,5 inch x 27,5 inch; a standard size for gift wrapping papers). Depending on the theme, we have selected a suitable light-weight paper quality. For example, papers with designs in gold, silver or bronze are printed on silky art paper on which the inks show to their best advantage. Designs with an antique or hand-made feel are printed on high-quality creamy paper. PEPIN papers make your gift package look very special. In addition, our papers are suitable for scrap booking and all sorts of craft projects. Each volume contains 12 different, exceptional designs. The 12 dazzling op art patterns in this volume are faithfully reproduced from original 1960s masterpieces.

The Pepin Press
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The Pepin Press Gift Wrap Book. OP Art
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