Where The Wild Things Are DVD

ISBN: 0690897261099 Categorii: Favored Nations. An apariție: 2009 Stoc: La comandă

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Where The Wild Things Are is a 2 DVD set recorded live and filmed in high definition at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, MN during Steve Vai s recent Sound

Theories Tour. Where The Wild Things Are features a world-class group of musicians, unlike any other band Steve has ever assembled.

-Two DVDs containing nearly 3 hours of Steve Vai in concert, along with cool bonus footage that includes exclusive interviews with Steve s band members and Steve s viral hit promotional video for the Jemini distortion pedal.
-The highly anticipated follow-up to his Visual Sound Theories and multi-platinum Live At The Astoria DVDs.
-Special digipack and accompanying 20 page booklet, featuring beautiful live photo spreads from the tour.
-DVD contains both 5.1 and stereo mixes, and a commentary track featuring Steve and some of his band members.
-13 Grammy nominations, including 3 wins.

Steve Vai
Casa Discuri
Favored Nations Records
Data Publicarii
Numar Discuri
Format Audio
Dolby Digital / Stereo

Disc 1:
01 Paint Me Your Face
02 Now We Run
03 Oooo
04 Building The Church
05 Tender Surrender
06 Band Intros
07 Fire Wall
08 The Crying Machine
09 Shove The Sun Aside
10 I’m Becoming
11 Die To Live
12 Freak Show Excess
13 Apples In Paradise
14 All About Eve
15 Gary 7
16 Beastly Rap
17 Treasure Island
18 Angel Food
20 Earthquake Sky

Disc 2:
01 The Audience Is Listening
02 The Murder
03 Juice
04 Whispering A Prayer
05 Taurus Bulba
06 Liberty
07 Answers
08 For The Love Of God

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