Sergei Rachmaninov: The Miserly Knight

ISBN: 0809478009191 Categorii: N.G.L. # Opus Arte. An apariție: 2005 Brand: Naxos Global Logistic Stoc: La comandă

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"Visually this DVD of The Miserly Knight is sumptuous, musically it is superlative. Composed in 1906 for Chaliapin, this production has a magnificent successor in Sergei Leiferkus, who dominates the stage. Apart from his magnificent voice and compelling acting, he has tremendous presence." (The Penguin Guide)

" inspired piece of programming...Sergei Leiferkus was utterly compelling in the title role...he delivered an appropriately mean performance..." (Opera)
"...the magnificent Sergei Leiferkus...takes this rather thrilling symphonic fantasy into the realms of true opera." (The Independent)
"This production was recorded in high definition video, and hence should be available on high definition DVD in a year or so. If you have not seen high definition television you are in for a jaw-dropping experience. It is clearer than motion picture film! For opera productions like this it means much more expensive sets and costumes, more realistic acting and makeup, because of the extremely fine detail which is now visible.
" (Musicweb International)
Awards Penguin Guide Rosette
Sergei Leiferkus (The Baron)
Richard Berkeley-Steele
Maxim Mikhailov
(The Servant)
Viacheslav Voynarovskiy
(The Money-lender)
Albert Schagidullin
(The Duke)
Matilda Leyser
London Philharmonic Orchestra; Vladimir Jurowski

Stage Director: Annabel Arden
Catalogue Number: OA0919D
Date of Performance: 2004
Running Time: 95 minutes
Sound: DTS Surround; LPCM Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic
Subtitles: EN, FR, DE, ES, IT
Label: Opus Arte

Sergei Rachmaninov
Casa Discuri
Opus Arte
Data Publicarii
Numar Discuri
Format Audio

Vladimir Jurowski conducts Rachmaninov's dark setting
of Alexander Pushkin's ‘little tragedy’ with an outstanding performance from Sergei Leiferkus in the role written for
the great Russian bass Fyodor Chaliapin.
Rachmaninov's dramatically brooding score - beautifully recorded in an atmospheric surround sound - portrays the miser consumed by the power of his glinting gold, as it pushes him to his ultimate collapse.

Tara Origine
Naxos Global Logistic
Opus Arte
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