Baroque Opera Classics

ISBN: 0809478012047 Categorii: N.G.L. # Opus Arte. An apariție: 2016 Stoc: La comandă

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Works:Handel: Deidamia (DNO); Cavalli: La Didone (Caen); Pergolesi: Adriano in Siria (Pergolesi Festival); Cavalli: Ercole amante (DNO); Rameau: Zoroastre (Drottningholm Theatre); Scarlatti: Scarlatti: Dove è amore è gelosia

Press Reviews
"Alden's approach is lightly ironic, matching well with a piece that treats its material with a knowing air...Ivor Bolton and Concerto Koln provide the expert musical underpinning. Sally Matthews shines as a vocally and physically poised Deidamia, Olga Pasichnyk emphasises the lusty young man hiding beneath Achille's skirts, and Silvia Tro Santafe's Ulisse presents him with a credible rival." (BBC Music Magazine - DEIDAMIA)

"With a small orchestra of solo strings, continuo and a couple of woodwind, the focus is very much on the declamatory skills of the singers. Anna Bonitatibus is outstanding, especially in her confrontation, impassioned but dignified, with Aeneas..." (Gramophone - LA DIDONE)

"This is the most impressive and engaging product of Pergolesi's anniversary year I've heard so far" (International Record Review - ADRIANO IN SIRIA)

"This is a ravishing production in every department - scenery, stage effects, costumes, dancing, acting and music. Luca Pisaroni is an assured and vigorous Hercules - aided by action-man plastic muscles - but it is Cavalli's women who steal the show." (BBC Music Magazine - ERCOLE AMANTE)

"After so many opera productions updated to modern dress, it is refreshing to have a thoroughly traditional production, set in the beautifully restored Drottingholm Court Theatre...Casting in this production is first rate, with clean, firm voices the rule and with the dances, so important in Rameau operas, perfectly integrated. Christophe Rousset is the stylish conductor. A first-class set in every way." (The Penguin Guide - ZOROASTRE)

"... the theatre is the real star of the truth nothing more seems necessary here than to sing and act with skill and wit, which the four Czech singers all manage very well...The orchestral playing and conducting are neat and tidy" (Gramophone - DOVE E AMORE E GELOSIA)
Format: Box set, Classical, Colour, DVD-Video, PAL
Language: English
Subtitles: English, French, German

Region: All Regions

Sally Matthews, Concerto Köln
Casa Discuri
Opus Arte
Data Publicarii
Numar Discuri
Format Audio
Dolby Digital
Sally Matthews (Deidamia (Deidamia))
Veronica Cangemi (Nerea (Deidamia); Iole (Ercole Amante))
Luca Pisaroni (Ercole (Ercole Amante))
Anders J. Dahlin (Zoroastre (Zoroastre))
Marina Comparato (Adriano (Adriano in Siria))
Lucia Cirillo (Emirena (Adriano in Siria))
Anna Bonitatibus (Didone (La Didone))
Kresimir Spicer (Enea (La Didone))
Tara Origine
Germania, Germania
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