Doodle Town Nursery Level Puppet

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Welcome to the exciting world of Doodle Town, our new four-level pre-school course! Its language-rich syllabus uses artwork and drawing to improve memory, experience, imagination and observation. With values at the heart, DoodleTown provides the tools for you to create an environment where children become inquisitive, happy, independent and confident learners.

For Teachers:

• An easy-to-follow yet rigorous curriculum brings out the best of your teaching skills

• Teacher's Edition with clear language and unit objectives plus author tips, critical thinking ideas and a wealth of further support makes for stress-free planning

• Syllabus based on US English Language Arts and Math Common Core State Standards with Cambridge English: Young Learner-style practice activities to ensure academic success

• Striking Posters brighten up your classroom providing the opportunity for vocabulary review

• The distinctive Pocket Chart develops your students' literacy, creativity and thinking skills whilst they have fun

• Teacher's Resource Center with a wide range of downloadable materials for the classroom and a digital Presentation Kit offer a choice of teaching material

For your Students:

• Students are able to express themselves and become confident learners with this vocabulary-rich series

• Artwork and drawings build lasting connections between objects and language that help students think, explore, create and learn

• Literacy, language and values combine to help students on their road to early academic success

• Inspirational music program to get your students actively participating, learning and remembering

• Early literacy and numeracy are developed throughout the course and with the option to develop further with the Skills Pads

For Parents:

• Strong home-school connection includes fun parent page activities in the Literacy and Math Skills Pads

• Student Practice Kit with animated stories, videos, songs, language practice games, and flashcards so students can continue learning at home

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