Manly Mints

ISBN: 0814229001744 Categorii: Cortina. Brand: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Let's get one thing straight - Manly Mints are not for everyone. They're not for fops, flakes, pansies, or any other form of girlie-man. It takes a special sort of guy to handle these potent mints. Oh, sure they're small. But in this one instance, size doesn't matter. Each mint packs a powerful peppermint kick that'll flatten lesser men. For your own protection, we've programmed a cutting-edge Manliness Detector into our e-commerce shopping cart. Using advanced keyboard transference technology, we can tell by your keystrokes if you're manly enough to purchase Manly Mints. If you are, the system will allow you to check out and buy some. If not, you will receive a warning message and be guided to a more suitable product. Good luck.

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
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