Diet Cheating Mints

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Each Tin Holds Approx 100 mints

Sick of the boring, tasteless tedium of the latest fad diet? Then say hello to the best thing to happen to diets since sliced (low calorie) bread - Diet Cheating Mints! These minty fresh diet fighters are here to save your minging tasting mouth from the latest foul tasting diet! They're fun mints with a mission! With the Diet Cheating Mints programme you can eat whatever you like! Simply devour your favourite cake, take your Diet Cheating Mint and in a matter of seconds, you'll have forgotten all about the cake - and if you can't taste it - you didn't eat it, right? ;-) Diet Cheating Mints are the perfect, funny gift for any food loving friend. Help them remind their taste buds they're still alive and treat them to the tongue tingling sensation that is Diet Cheating Mints! They're the minty fresh thwarters of foul tasting diets! Diet Cheating Mints are more than just a funny gift - they're a diet dodgers dream. What's more - unlike most magical medicines, they're available without prescription … and that's mainly because they're just mints!

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