Buddha Bar

ISBN: 0814229023326 Categorii: Diverse, Cortina. Brand: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Stoc: La comandă

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Because the Buddha taught us that suffering is caused by attachments to desires, we feel guilty about offering you this product. You see, once you eat The Buddha Bar, you'll have a strong desire to eat more. It's an enlightened combination of fruit, nuts, rice, and other natural ingredients, with a dash of good karma tossed in. It also comes in an inspired interactive package that opens with a magnetic clasp. Inside you'll find Buddha trivia, checklists, and a cut out Buddhist shrine to display on your desk or night stand. (As far as we know, we're the first confection to offer a free shrine with every purchase. Although General Mills once offered plastic crucifixes in specially marked boxes of Count Chocula.)

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
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