Anti-Swearing Mints

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Sick of the smell of foul language? Then say hello to the miracle cure - Anti-Swearing Mints! These minty fresh 'F' word fighters are the perfect companion for anyone who's sick and tired of language that literally stinks! They're fun mints with a mission!

They're the perfect, funny gift for any foul mouthed friend. Simply supply any serial swearer with one of these little bad boys and their once perennial potty mouth will soon be super clean and minty fresh.

They work on all kinds of curse words but are especially effective on those that rhyme with duck, sit, banker and, erm … Castard (we couldn't think of something that rhymes with the 'B' word, ok?!)

Anti-Swearing Mints are more than just a funny gift - they're a miracle cure! What's more - unlike most magical medicines, they're available without prescription … and that's mainly because they're just mints!

100 bomboane
Bomboane mentolate
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