Amazing Invisibility Mints

ISBN: 0814229005650 Categorii: Cortina. Brand: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Stoc: La comandă

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"Dear Unemployed Philosophers Guild:
I owe you an apology. When I first purchased your Invisibility Mints, I was certain they wouldn't work as promised. I mean, how could a tasty little peppermint actually make me invisible to co-workers, friends, and that cute stock boy at the Gristedes Supermarket? But, to my amazement, people began treating me like I wasn't even there! Subway station clerks would ignore my requests for directions, waiters paid no regard to my request for refills of coffee, and at this past Saturday's Single's Mixer, I sat for three hours and not one guy noticed me. It was amazing! I also love the metal tin they come in -- it's so attractive! So thank you, UPG, and please accept my apology for ever doubting you.
Sincerely, Estelle Abernathy, NYC.
(P.S.: I'm sorta getting lonely... Do you make an antidote? )"

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
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