Aparat foto - Fisheye No. 2 Caspian

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Are you ready to get hooked on an amazing analogue adventure? Inspired by the sun shimmering down on the Caspian Sea, this gorgeous gold-toned camera twists your surroundings into a 170° field of view to shake up your perspective. Get experimental - lose yourself in glowing long exposures and mix and match your scenes with unlimited multiple exposures!

A Fantastic Fisheye Perspective
With a staggering 170° field of view, our Fisheye Family is wonderfully wide! Capturing gorgeous spherical snaps on 35 mm film, they offer you a perspective unlike any other. Get up close and personal to your subjects or pull your friends in tight for a super-wide shot. The world isn’t flat, so capture its curvature with this powerful creative companion.

Expose Your Way
We are devoted to the world of experimental photography, including the Fisheye format. With bulb mode and multiple exposure functionality, our Fisheye camera comes ready to turn your creativity up to the max. Mix and match scenes with ease and light up the night with long exposure fun – your next wide-eyed masterpiece is just a snap away.

Flashy Inside and Out
Our family of fishy friends is not just flashy on the outside! Hiding behind those beautiful designs is a powerful flash ready to illuminate whatever evening escapade the world throws your way. If you need a little more power, you can attach your own flash via the hot-shoe mount.

Refined and Ready For Action
We took everything we learned from our first generation of the Fisheye and made the Fisheye No.2 stronger, faster, and sleeker than ever before. With a shutter locking mechanism, reinforced lens housing, and a new raised viewfinder, capturing fishy snaps has never been easier.

Wide-Eyed Perspective
The 170° wide-angle lens of the Fisheye Camera captures the bigger picture. Seize your memories in gorgeous circular frames and photograph the world like never before.

Built-in Flash
Brighten up your shots with the built-in flash – shoot anywhere and anytime. You never know when you might need a little extra light, and now it is always at the ready.

Uses Convenient 35 mm Film

The Fisheye One & No.2 accept all types of 35 mm film – black and white, color, or even trippy color-shifting emulsions. Enjoy shooting in the most common and convenient film format in the world.

SKU - fcp200fw18

Cable Release Connection - No

Battery Type - 1 x AA

Available Apertures - Fixed f8

Shutter Speeds - 1/100 (N), Bulb (B)

Focal Length - 10 mm

Film advance - Winder

Film Format - 35 mm

Flash connection - Hot-Shoe

Focusing - Fixed Focus

Focusing Distance - Get as close as possible

Frame Counter - Auto reset

Tripod Mount - No

Lightmeter - No

View Finder - Direct optical viewfinder

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