Aparat foto Diana F+ cu blitz - Editie aniversara 10 ani

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The darling Diana F+ is turning 10 — and we’re celebrating with a brand new limited edition of our twist on this 60s cult classic. We’ve packed two shutter speeds, unlimited multiple exposures, an intuitive zone-focusing system and a panoramic function into a funky matte red and blue case complete with a rockin’ retro gold lens. And that’s not all — this lo-fi medium-format camera also comes with a ton of special-edition extras including a 10 Years of Diana Filter Frame and a camera strap! Fill your frame with intense saturation, moody vignetting and amazing analogue surprises.

Package includes:

  • Diana F+ with Flash "10 Years of Diana" Edition
  • "10 Years of Diana" Filter Frame
  • 12 Color Gel Flash Filters
  • Diana F+ Book
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lens Cap & Neck Strap
  • Hotshoe Connection
  • Format Frames

Additional information:

SKU - hp700diana

Cable Release Connection - Only with Adapter

Battery Type - no battery needed

Available Apertures - Pinhole, Cloudy= f8, Half-Shade= f11, Sunny= f16

Shutter Speeds - 1/60 (N), Bulb (B)

Focal Length - 75mm

Film advance - Knob

Film Format - attribute_value_120

Flash connection - Diana Flash Plug

Focusing - Zone Focusing

Focusing Distance - 1m - Infinity

Frame Counter - Volume display

Tripod Mount - Yes

Lightmeter - No

View Finder - Direct optical viewfinder

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