Type Deck - A Collection of Iconic Typefaces

ISBN: 9780500420799 Categorii: Diverse, Termos. An apariție: 2017 Autor: Steven Heller, Rick Landers Editură: Thames and Hudson Ltd Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Typefaces come in thousands of shapes, sizes and styles. Like verbal language, with all its nuances, dialects, accents and tics, typography is not simply a container of meanings but a translator too. Different faces say distinct things to many people. Type projects authority and frivolity. Type is communication on so many different levels of perception and reception.

Type Deck is a sampler of typographic personality and a primer of expressive visual communication. The letterforms are part of a shared language that have added to the diversity of graphic design. The Deck identifies characteristics and places particular forms in historical periods and aesthetic contexts.

Table of Contents

1 x introduction card • 9 x Victorian • 10 x Arts & Crafts • 7 x Black Letter • 9 x Modern
9 x Eclectic • 10 x Post Modern

Steven Heller, Rick Landers
Data Publicarii
Thames and Hudson Ltd
Tara Origine
Marea Britanie
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