The Red Army in WWII

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The Red Army in WWII
160,00 lei

Categorii: Diverse, Diverse

Limba: Engleza

Data publicării: 2023

Editura: Amber Books Ltd

Tip copertă: Paperback

Nr Pag: 192

ISBN: 9781838862886

Dimensiuni: l: 18.9cm | H: 24cm | 1cm | 535g

Product thumb
The Red Army in WWII
160,00 lei


Without the Red (or Soviet) Army, it is likely that the Western Allies would have taken much longer to defeat the Third Reich - they may even have lost altogether. However even decades after the war's end, little is widely known about this giant organization that numbered millions of soldiers. Broken down by key battles or campaigns within each theatre of war, The Red Army in World War II shows the strengths and organizational structures of the Red Army's ground forces campaign by campaign, building into a detailed compendium of information.
With extensive organizational diagrams and full-colour campaign maps showing the disposition of units, The Red Army in World War II is an easy-to-use guide to the Russian, Polish, Czech and units of other nationalities that served as part of Stalin's army, their strengths during key campaigns and battles, and details of where they served throughout the war. The book will be an essential reference guide for any serious enthusiast of World War II.

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