Teaching NLP in the Classroom

ISBN: 9781847060402 Categorii: Continuum International Publishing Group. An apariție: 2008 Autor: Kate E. Spohrer Editură: Continuum International Publishing Group Număr pagini: 112 Stoc: La comandă

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This book will contain a wealth of ideas for teaching NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), with concepts ranging from understanding the basic principles behind NLP to using it effectively in the classroom to develop pupils learning.NLP is very effective in enabling young people to overcome fears, anxieties and limitations, which, in turn, helps them to achieve more in school, learn more effectively and, in life in general, become more fulfilled and wholesome individuals. This highly practical book provides strategies for teachers to use in the classroom to improve their own NLP skills as well as those of their students.The topics include: understanding that we only see what we believe is possible; realising that we create our own experience; and using embedded commands to aid homework.This highly practical series contains a wide range of books of importance to teachers, trainees and NQTs. Each book is packed with ready-to-use activities to be used in the classroom. They are quick and easy to dip into: each technique is presented on the left-hand page, and the facing right-hand page shows a practical activity to put that technique into practice.

Kate E. Spohrer
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Continuum International Publishing Group
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