Seventeenth Century Literature and Culture

ISBN: 9780826486592 Categorii: Continuum International Publishing Group. An apariție: 2007 Autor: Jim Daems Editură: Continuum International Publishing Group Număr pagini: 160 Stoc: La comandă

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Continuum's "Introductions to British Literature and Culture" series provide practical guides to key literary periods. Guides in the series help to orientate students as they begin a new module or area of study, providing concise information on the historical, cultural, literary and critical context and acting as an initial map of the knowledge needed to study the literature and culture of a specific period. Each guide includes an overview of the historical period, intellectual contexts, major genres, critical approaches and a guide to original research and resource materials in the area, enabling students to progress confidently to further study. The guide to Seventeenth Century Literature and Culture provides students with the ideal introduction to literature and its context from 1603-1688, including: the historical, cultural and intellectual background including religion, politics and culture during the Civil War, Commonwealth and Restoration; major writers and genres including John Donne, George Herbert, Andrew Marvell and John Milton - concise explanations of key terms needed to understand the literature and criticism; key critical approaches from the eighteenth century to the present; and, a chronology mapping historical events and literary works and further reading including websites and electronic resources.

Jim Daems
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