Realistic Still Life in Colored Pencil

ISBN: 9781633228689 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2020 Autor: Cynthia Knox Editură: Walter Foster Publishing Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 144 Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Perfect for both aspiring and established artists, this easy-to-understand guidebook shows you the secrets to drawing lifelike still life artwork in the dynamic medium of colored pencil.

*Named One of the 54 Best Colored Pencil Drawing Books of All Time by BookAuthority*

Rendering artwork that leaves your viewers contemplating whether a piece might actually be a photograph is no easy task! But if you want to learn how to render realistic still lifes using a wide range of techniques, the approachable and engaging Realistic Still Life in Colored Pencil is just the resource. After an introduction to the basic tools and materials, you will discover a variety of basic colored-pencil techniques, such as:

  • Hatching
  • Crosshatching
  • Shading
  • Blending
  • Layering
  • Burnishing
  • And much more!
In addition, you will find more complex techniques for creating realistic still lifes, including how to render various textures like glass, wood, porcelain, flower petals, and others. Throughout the book, expert artist and art instructor Cynthia Knox offers tips and techniques for using layers to build color and depth, establishing dramatic and moody backgrounds, and working with “hidden” colors to achieve realistic effects. Also included is valuable information for connecting all of the elements for polished and professional results.

Packed with easy-to- follow instructions, plenty of helpful tips, and beautiful artwork and photographs to inspire, Realistic Still Life in Colored Pencil is the perfect resource for taking your colored-pencil art to the next level.

Cynthia Knox
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Walter Foster Publishing
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Learn to draw lifelike still life art in vibrant colored pencil
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