Punderdome - A Card Game for Pun Lovers

ISBN: 9781101905654 Categorii: Carlton. An apariție: 2016 Autor: Jo Firestone Editură: Clarkson Potter Stoc: La comandă

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One part game, one part conversation starter, you don t need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun in the process. A player (the prompter for that round) draws two prompt cards from the deck, reading the prompts to the rest of the group, who have 90 seconds to create a single, groan-worthy pun that combines the two prompts. When time is up, pun makers share their pun with the prompter, who awards the prompt cards to the player whose pun they like best. The winner then draws the next pair of prompt cards and the process repeats. Players win by obtaining 10 pairs of cards. The card game is inspired by the live game show Punderdome 3000, created by our authors, father-daughter duo Jo and Fred Firestone. Since its start in 2011, Punderdome 3000 has become a cult favorite in Brooklyn nightlife.

Jo Firestone
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Clarkson Potter
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