London Review of Books Vol. 43. No. 13

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Tom Stevenson
The Changing of the Guard: The British Army since 9/11 by Simon Akam
Letters Robert Barnes, Sarah Pyke, Patrice Derrington, Lucy Duggan, Peter McGill, Annabel Gregory, Peter Lawson, Clarissa Wyatt
Denise Riley Four Poems
Toril Moi
The Subversive Simone Weil: A Life in Five Ideas by Robert Zaretsky
Rupert BealeOn the Delta Variant
Deborah Friedell
Ethel Rosenberg: A Cold War Tragedy by Anne Sebba
Emily LaBargeAt Charleston: Nina Hamnett
Peter Howarth
New Selected Poems by Christina Rossetti, edited by Rachel Mann
Stephen Sedley
English Law under Two Elizabeths: The Late Tudor Legal World and the Present by John Baker
The Constitutional Balance by John Laws
Ferdinand MountShort Cuts: Untilled Fields
Erin Maglaque
Inky Fingers: The Making of Books in Early Modern Europe by Anthony Grafton
Andrew O’Hagan
A Stinging Delight: A Memoir by David Storey
Mike Jay
The Reason for the Darkness of the Night: Edgar Allan Poe and the Forging of American Science by John Tresch
Tony Wood
The Cubans: Ordinary Lives in Extraordinary Times by Anthony DePalma
We Are Cuba! How a Revolutionary People Have Survived in a Post-Soviet World by Helen Yaffe
Adewale Maja-Pearce
Do Not Disturb: The Story of a Political Murder and an African Regime Gone Bad by Michela Wrong
Helen Pfeifer
God’s Shadow: The Ottoman Sultan Who Shaped the Modern World by Alan Mikhail
John Burnside Two Poems

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