Feeling and Knowing

ISBN: 9781472147349 Categorii: Diverse, Diverse. An apariție: 2023 Autor: Antonio Damasio Editură: Little, Brown Book Group Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 256 Stoc: În stoc

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A truly awe-inspiring piece of writing' David Robson, author of The Intelligence Trap
In recent decades, many philosophers and cognitive scientists have declared the question of consciousness unsolvable, but Antonio Damasio is convinced that recent findings in neuroscience, psychology and artificial intelligence have given us the necessary tools to solve its mystery.

In Feeling & Knowing, Damasio elucidates the myriad aspects of consciousness and presents his analysis and new insights in a way that is faithful to our own intuitive sense of the experience.

In forty-eight brief chapters, Damasio helps us understand the relation between consciousness and the mind; why being conscious is not the same as either being awake or sensing; the central role of feeling; and why the brain is essential for the development of consciousness. He synthesises the recent findings of various sciences with the philosophy of consciousness, and, most significantly, presents his original research which has transformed our understanding of the brain and human behaviour.

Here is an indispensable guide to understanding the fundamental human capacity for informing and transforming our experience of the world around us and our perception of our place in it.

Antonio Damasio
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Little, Brown Book Group
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Making Minds Conscious
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