El Croquis 207 - Estudio Gustavo Utrabo

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EL CROQUIS 207 presenta el trabajo del estudio del arquitecto brasileño GUSTAVO UTRABO (2015-20020). Además de mostrar los proyectos y obras más relevantes realizados por este estudio desde el 2015, la monografía incluye una entrevista con el arquitecto realizada por Amin Taha y un ensayo crítico sobre la obra de Gustavo Utrabo elaborado por Marta Bogéa/This instalment of the magazine presents the work of the Brazilian architect GUSTAVO UTRABO (2015-2020). In addition to presenting the most important projects and works carried out by his office throughout the last years of his career, the monograph includes a conversation with the architect conducted by Amin Taha and notes on the work of Gustavo Utrabo by Marta Bogéa.

Based in São Paulo, Gustavo Utrabo was formerly part of Aleph Zero, a practice he founded in 2012 that won the 2018 RIBA International Emerging Architect prize. Now on his own, Utrabo sees his work as a means to connect people and imagine the future through sustainable and inclusive approaches. In his practice, he strives to consolidate his interests with a social impact, often engaging in remote constructions for indigenous people in the Amazon.

This edition presents fourteen recent works, from private houses, a public market, and a cultural centre, to shading structures and children’s villages in the jungle. Includes an interview with the architect and an essay by Marta Bogéa.

Bilingual edition: English, Spanish

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