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Like the other spiritual leaders in the world,1 Confucius (551 B.C.-479 B.C.) still lives among us and is admired more than ever. He absorbed China's cultural traditions accumulated during the 25 centuries before his time. They were rich but somewhat schematic. He coordinated them, re-organised them, evaluated them, developed them into a profound new system of ethics and political philosophy for the benefit of posterity, thus providing a solid foundation for national existence during the 25 centuries after him. This book, originally written in English, consists of 16 chapters elucidating in detail the value and the significance of Confucius' teachings. The author states that to understand Confucius is to understand China, Chinese history and culture. It includes Confucian philosophy regarding life, education, politics, law, art, change and history, the model man and more. This book is the Magnum Opus dedicated to Mr. Chi Yun Chang, a prominent historian as well as the founder of Chinese Culture University. This book illustrates the six elements of Confucius's teachings: Philosophy of Life Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Creation, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Providence and Philosophy of Peace. The book explains the value and significance of Confucius teachings and also focuses on the modernisation of the teachings. It ascertains that "to understand Confucius is to understand China, the Chinese people, Chinese history and Chinese culture". This book will be of interest to anyone who is interested in Confucius teachings and its modern interpretations.

Chiyan Chang
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Design Media Publishing (UK) Limited
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A Modern Interpretation
Istoric preț pentru: Confucianism

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