1001 - Movies You Must See Before You Die

ISBN: 9781844038794 Categorii: Diverse. An apariție: 2015 Autor: Steven Jay Schneider Editură: Cassell Illustrated Tip copertă: Paperback Număr pagini: 960 Stoc: La comandă

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Expert critics in each genre of film, from romance to horror and sci-fi, have once again painstakingly revised this list of essential must see-movies, cut and added films to bring the must-watch list bang up to date for 2016, from great classics like The Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind to recent Oscar nominees like Interstellar, Birdman, Boyhood and the blockbusters that are Guardians of the Galaxy and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Each entry tells you exactly why these films deserve inclusion in this definitive illustrated list, engaging readers in each film's concept development and production, including curious trivia facts about the movies, as well as the most famous pieces of memorabilia associated with them.

Illustrated with hundreds of stunning film stills, portraits and poster art 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die offers an incredible visual insight into the world of modern cinema. It puts together the most significant movies from all genres, from animation to Western, through action, comedy, documentary, musical, noir, romance, thriller, short and sci-fi. Movies from over 30 different countries have been included, offering a truly wide multi-cultural perspective, and the time span includes more than a century of extraordinary cinematography.

Packed with vital statistics, and a few facts that might surprise you, this is a collector's must for the bookshelf as well as an entertaining read for all those who love the world of film. Whether your passion lies with The Blue Angel or Blue Velvet, from the films you shouldn't have missed the first time around, to the films you can see again and again, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die is the definitive guide for all movie lovers.

Steven Jay Schneider
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Cassell Illustrated
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