Quicktionary - A Game of Lightning-Fast Wordplay

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This free-for-all word game is for anyone who loves to think on their feet. Simple to learn, with nearly endless possibilities and replay value, the compact playing deck is all players need to quickly get a game going wherever they are. Any number of people can play this snappy game, and players can easily join in mid-game. Ages 12 and up, 2 or more players How to play: Three decks of cards (yellow, blue, and red) are placed where all players can see them. Each card states a category or rule, according to the colour of the deck, and players race to shout out any word that meets all three criteria. The first player to shout a correct word gets to keep a card from the pile, and the first person to collect five cards wins the game. Sample gameplay: BLUE CARD: Must be an animal YELLOW CARD: Cannot contain a double letter RED CARD: Must contain the letter E = DOVE! BLUE CARD: Must be the name of a movie YELLOW CARD: Must have exactly four syllables RED CARD: Must contain the letter E = EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

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