The Year of the Locust

Terry Hayes
ISBN: 9780593064962

The House in the Pines

Ana Reyes
ISBN: 9781408717707

The Year of the Locust

Terry Hayes
ISBN: 9780593064979

Algernon Blackwood Horror Stories

Algernon Blackwood
ISBN: 9781804177099

Christmas Gothic Short Stories

ISBN: 9781804171646

Full Dark, No Stars

Stephen King
ISBN: 9781444712568

Zero Minus Ten

Raymond Benson
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Colonel Sun

Kingsley Amis
ISBN: 9781915797186


Thomas Harris
ISBN: 9780099532941

The Drift

C.J. Tudor
ISBN: 9780241486252

My Gothic Heart

ISBN: 9781035002610


Ian Ridpath
ISBN: 9780241620977

The Toll House

Carly Reagon
ISBN: 9781408726457


Delilah S. Dawson
ISBN: 9781803365756

The Future

Naomi Alderman
ISBN: 9780008309145


Stephen King
ISBN: 9781444720716

Kids Run the Show

Delphine de Vigan
ISBN: 9781787704893

The Secret

Lee Child, Andrew Child
ISBN: 9781787633780

Personne ne doit savoir

Claire McGowan
ISBN: 9782381222387

Not Russian

Mikhail Shevelev
ISBN: 9781787704879


Alison Rumfitt
ISBN: 9781739220723

The Call of Cthulhu

H. P. Lovecraft
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Classic Tales of Horror

Edgar Allan Poe
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The Black Feathers

Rebecca Netley
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Game Without Rules

Michael Gilbert
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An Eddy on the Floor

Bernard Capes
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The Captain of the Pole Star

Arthur Conan Doyle
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Japanese Ghost Stories

Lafcadio Hearn
ISBN: 9780241675298

The Open Door

Margaret Oliphant
ISBN: 9781804944011

Night Side of the River

Jeanette Winterson
ISBN: 9781787334182