The Wood Book

Francesc Zamora
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Yona Friedman
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Fascination Concrete

Chris van Uffelen
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Interdisciplinary Design

Hanif Kara, Andreas Georgoulias
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Twentieth-Century Building Materials

Thomas C. Jester
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Housing by Vandkunsten Architects

Anne Manelius, Michelle Lange
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The Materials Book

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Cabin Porn: Inside

Zach Klein
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Carlo Piano, Renzo Piano
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French New Wave

Christopher Frayling
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Projective Ecologies

Chris Reed , Nina-Marie Lister
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Artists' Homes: Live/Work Spaces for Modern Makers

Tom Harford Thompson
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Sticks and stone

Lew French
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Big Dramas 2e

Murray Sue
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Building St Paul's

James W. P. Campbell
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Samurai Castles

Jennifer Mitchelhill
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Ghost Towns

Chris McNab
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The Contemporary House

Jonathan Bell , Ellie Stathaki
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Transmaterial 3

Blaine Brownell
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Blaine Brownell
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Wood Houses 2

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Philip Jodidio
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Inspiring Tiny Homes

Gill Heriz
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The Poetics of Space

Gaston Bachelard
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100 Contemporary Wood Buildings

Philip Jodidio
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Architect's Pocket Book

Jonathan Hetreed, Ann Ross
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Judith Dupre
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Robot House

Peter Testa
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Engineers: From the Great Pyramids to Spacecraft

Adam Hart-Davis
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