Paperblanks Ori Ligature Ligature Ultra

ISBN: 9781439725757 Categorii: Carnete large. Brand: Paperblanks Stoc: Stoc limitat

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Folding is an everyday practice in Japan, where from familiarity is born innovation, experimentation and a finely honed craft. Highly structured yet perfectly organic, a fold can be at once bravely minimal and breathtakingly sophisticated.

Artist Yuko Nishimura fuses origami and origata in her art, featured here in our Ori series.

In her relief works, Ms. Nishimura’s folded curves and straight lines suggest formal structure and the creative impulse. Repetition creates patterns and symmetry which in turn bring æsthetic and emotional pleasure to the viewer. These exquisite pieces celebrate the ties between art, culture and everyday life in Japan. From the simple fold we are reminded of the unending story of human ingenuity.

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Paperblanks Paperblanks Ori Ligature Ligature Ultra
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