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Albert Einstein
ISBN: 9780415253840

Flying Saucers

C.G. Jung
ISBN: 9780415278379

Diocletian And The Roman Recovery

Stephen Williams
ISBN: 9780415918275

The Rule Of Metaphor

Paul Ricoeur
ISBN: 9780415312806

Natural Symbols

Mary Douglas
ISBN: 9780415314541

The Way Of Man

Martin Buber
ISBN: 9780415278294

Psychic Retreats

John Steiner
ISBN: 9780415099240

In Other Worlds

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
ISBN: 9780415389563

A Director Prepares

Anne Bogart
ISBN: 9780415238328

Location Of Culture Rc

ISBN: 9780415336390

Writing And Difference

Jacques Derrida
ISBN: 9780415253833

Performance Theory

Richard Schechner
ISBN: 9780415314558

Outlaw Culture

Bell Hooks
ISBN: 9780415389587

Black Feminist Thought

Patricia Hill Collins
ISBN: 9780415964722

Green Political Thought

Andrew Dobson
ISBN: 9780415403528

Reel To Real

Bell Hooks
ISBN: 9780415964807

Signatures Of The Visible

Fredric Jameson
ISBN: 9780415771610

Personal Knowledge

Michael Polanyi
ISBN: 9780415151498

History Of European Drama And Theatre

Erica Fischer-Lichte
ISBN: 9780415180603

Transformative Power Of Performance

Erika Fischer-Lichte
ISBN: 9780415458566

Gravity And Grace

Simone Weil
ISBN: 9780415290012

Purity And Danger

Mary Douglas
ISBN: 9780415289955

Totem And Taboo

Sigmund Freud
ISBN: 9780415253871

Modern Man In Search Of A Soul

C.G. Jung
ISBN: 9780415253901