Brand: Oxford University Press

Vienna Tales

Helen Constantine
ISBN: 9780199669790

The Future of the Professions

Daniel Susskind
ISBN: 9780198799078


Joss Stirling
ISBN: 9780192737397

War in European History

Michael Howard
ISBN: 9780199546190

The Oxford Illustrated History of World War Two

Richard Overy
ISBN: 9780199605828

Finnegans Wake

James Joyce
ISBN: 9780199695157

My Life

Benvenuto Cellini
ISBN: 9780199555314

Reveries of the Solitary Walker

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
ISBN: 9780199563272

HIV & AIDS: A Very Short Introduction

Balsillie School of International Development and Wilfred Laurier University and Professor Emeritus University of KwaZulu-Natal) Alan (CIGI Chair in Global Health Policy Whiteside
ISBN: 9780198727491

Le Morte Darthur

Sir Thomas Malory
ISBN: 9780199537341

My Antonia

Willa Cather
ISBN: 9780199538140

Man And Wife

Wilkie Collins
ISBN: 9780199538171

Young Goodman Brown And Other Tales

Nathaniel Hawthorne
ISBN: 9780199555154


Henry David Thoreau
ISBN: 9780199538065

The Re-enchantment of the World: Art versus Religion

Gordon Graham
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Keeping Their Marbles

Tiffany Jenkins
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An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice

William Godwin
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On Obligations

Marcus Tullius Cicero
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The Mabinogion

Sioned Davies
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The Meaning of Everything

Simon Winchester
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The Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, Lawrence Goldman
ISBN: 9780192805928

Meno and Other Dialogues

ISBN: 9780199555666