Brand: Michael Wiese Productions

Setting Up Your Shots

Jeremy Vineyard
ISBN: 9781932907421

Stealing Fire From The Gods

James Bonnet
ISBN: 9781932907117

Screenwriting 101

Neill Hicks
ISBN: 9780941188722

Film Directing Cinematic Motion

Steven D. Katz
ISBN: 9780941188906

Psychology For Screenwriters

William Indick
ISBN: 9780941188876

Costume Design 101

Richard La Motte
ISBN: 9780941188357

Sound Design

David Sonnenschein
ISBN: 9780941188265

The Film Director's Intuition

Judith Weston
ISBN: 9780941188784

Setting Up Your Scenes

Richard Pepperman
ISBN: 9781932907087

Save The Cat! Goes To The Movies

Blake Snyder
ISBN: 9781932907353

Save The Cat!

Blake Snyder
ISBN: 9781932907001

Digital Moviemaking 3.0

Scott Billups
ISBN: 9781932907377

Storyboarding 101

James O. Fraioli
ISBN: 9780941188258