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Rio Carnival

Various Artists
ISBN: 5019396226524

Samba! Samba!

Various Artists
ISBN: 5019396227323

Paraguay: Traditional Songs & Dances

Elenco Ko'eti
ISBN: 5019396232327

28 Days Later

John Murphy
ISBN: 0634904016128

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

Various Artists
ISBN: 5050159810093

The New Breed

Various Artists
ISBN: 0602498200919

Africa Fete

Various Artists
ISBN: 8712629430121

Here Come the Boys 1925-1932

Various Artists
ISBN: 0608917906226

Franz Ferdinand: Covers EP

Various Artists
ISBN: 5034202140528

Ballads 6 - Nu Ballads

Various Artists
ISBN: 0063757955023

Bella Ciao: Popular Italian Songs

Gaspare De Lama
ISBN: 0794881600724

Calypso @ Dirty Jim's

Various Artists
ISBN: 0794881919925


Various Artists
ISBN: 0794881942527

Sur les Traces des Pheniciens

Milan Zdravkovic
ISBN: 0794881951024

The Story of Vocal Jazz

Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, Various Artists
ISBN: 3149024205156

Duna degli orsi

DJ Ninfa
ISBN: 0262981419008

Rouge Ardent

Axelle Red
ISBN: 3298498277111

The Road to Jajouka

Various Artists
ISBN: 0899158002093

Best of

Django Reinhardt
ISBN: 3596972715723

From The Roots Up

ISBN: 5053105018352

The Rough Guide To Latin Grooves Boxset

Various Artists
ISBN: 0605633900828

Rough Guide to Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker
ISBN: 0605633124620

Rough Guide to Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald
ISBN: 0605633124521

Rough Guide to Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson
ISBN: 0605633123227

Rough Guide to Billie Holliday

Billie Holliday
ISBN: 0605633123425

The Rough Guide Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
ISBN: 0605633124323

The Rough Guide to Billie Holiday - Vinyl

Billie Holiday
ISBN: 9781906063863

Rough Guide: Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters
ISBN: 9781908025005

The Rough Guide to Robert Johnson - Vinyl

Robert Johnson
ISBN: 9781906063856

Lounge Music - The Must Have Selection

Various Artists
ISBN: 3596973141828