Proper Music Distribution CD

Blue Thoughts

Chet Baker
ISBN: 5060143499111

Je T'aime Comme Ca

Charles Aznavour
ISBN: 5060143490286

Kings of Rock 'n' Roll

ISBN: 5060143492938

Buena Vista Legend

Omara Portuondo
ISBN: 5060143493515

La Vie En Rose

Edith Piaf
ISBN: 5060143492396

Los Reyes Del Son

Compay Segundo
ISBN: 5060143493454

The Very Best Of Dalida

ISBN: 5060143494123

Cafe's around the world

ISBN: 5703976140842

The Essence Of Essence

Various Artists
ISBN: 5024952333295

James Brown

James Brown
ISBN: 0876492001692

The Essential Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra
ISBN: 5014797135284

Live at Wembley

Bad Company
ISBN: 5034504143623

This Is Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday
ISBN: 5060143494345

Original Album Collection

Artur Rubinstein
ISBN: 0886975616527

Music Keeps Me Together/Satisfied 'N Tickled Too

Taj Mahal
ISBN: 5017261209603

Buddy and the Juniors

Buddy Guy
ISBN: 5017261203991

A Hardcore Package / The Last Of The British Blues

John Mayall
ISBN: 5017261204936

Buena Vista Cuban Stars

ISBN: 5060143490682


ISBN: 3000000037744