Politist / Crima / Mister

Violin for Dummies

Katharine Rapoport
ISBN: 9781119022909

Live by Night

Dennis Lehane
ISBN: 9780349141879

Homemade Sin

Mary Kay Andrews
ISBN: 9780062195104

Too Good To Be True

Ann Cleeves
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Hannibal Rising

Thomas Harris
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Cahokia Jazz

Francis Spufford
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Chilling Crime Short Stories

ISBN: 9781839647680

Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie
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The King and the Corpse

Max Murray
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The Collegians

Gerald Griffin
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The Kamogawa Food Detectives

Hisashi Kashiwai
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The Mantis

Kotaro Isaka
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Hallowe'en Party

Agatha Christie
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Murder at Maybridge Castle

Ada Moncrieff
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Cards on the Table

Agatha Christie
ISBN: 9780008164898

Needless Alley

Natalie Marlow
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The Case of the Michaelmas Goose

Clifford Witting
ISBN: 9781915530127

Who Killed The Curate?

Joan Coggin
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Curiosity Killed The Cat

Joan Cockin
ISBN: 9781915530141


Pierre Boileau, Thomas Narcejac
ISBN: 9781782279747

The Girl by the Bridge

Arnaldur Indridason
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Sleeping Dog

Dick Lochte
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Love Will Tear Us Apart

Caimh McDonnell
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Maigret's Revolver

Georges Simenon
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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

John le Carre
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Brat Farrar

Josephine Tey
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The Mask of Dimitrios

Eric Ambler
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The Black Lizard

Edogawa Rampo
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The Christmas Appeal

Janice Hallett
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The Big Sleep & Farewell, My Lovely

Raymond Chandler
ISBN: 9780241654149